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Describing photos

On the left, a woman prepares incense sticks, binding them together with elastic bands. On the right, a Taoist priest performs a ceremony, painting in the pupils of the eyes of a god statue, cupping the leg of a statue with his hand. Both areFULL STORY


A:Why do you want to study Japanese? B:I like the way Chinese characters are used in Japanese. Some are the same as in Chinese, some are different. A:It’s the same with English and French. There are some words which are the same but mean different things, andFULL STORY

Foreign bands perform at Ho-Hai-Yan Gongliao Rock Festival
貢寮音樂祭 七國樂團共襄盛舉

The 2016 Ho-Hai-Yan Gongliao Rock Festival started yesterday and will end tomorrow. Apart from Taiwanese band Sodagreen performing at the festival again, singer Crowd Lu, Matzka and several other bands are attending this year’s festival. According to New Taipei City Government’s Tourism and Travel Department,FULL STORY


A: I feel a bit odd today. I have a headache, I feel nauseous and my guts are not right. B: What were you up to yesterday? A: I was riding around in the sun on my bike all day. B: The sun was really fierce yesterday.FULL STORY

A-mei donates NT$2 million for disaster relief in Taitung
颱風重創家鄉 阿妹捐款拋磚引玉

Pop diva Chang Hui-mei, better known as A-mei, will donate NT$2 million (about US$62,520) to her native Taitung County for disaster relief and reconstruction in the wake of Typhoon Nepartak. A-mei said that eastern Taiwan needs assistance and support because the path to reconstruction will beFULL STORY


A:Wow. You’re completely drenched. B:The skies opened. I haven’t seen rain that heavy in a while. A:Quick, get that raincoat off, change into some dry clothes. You’ll catch your death in this air conditioning. B:Do you have any clothes I can borrow? A:哇,你怎麼溼成這樣? B:外面正傾盆大雨啊。這輩子還沒看過這麼大的雨。 A:快把衣服脫下來,換上乾的衣服吧,別冷氣一吹又感冒了。 B:嗯,你那邊有衣服可以借我嗎? English 英文: Chinese 中文: FULL STORY

UV reaches dangerous levels on Taiwan’s east coast
太陽好曬 花東紫外線危險級

On Sunday, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) ultraviolet index (UVI) forecast indicated “dangerous” ultra violet (UV) levels for Hualien, Taitung and Penghu, while in all other areas of the country UV levels were “extreme.” According to the EPA UVI monitoring system’s classification levels, a UV indexFULL STORY


A:Woe is me. How cruel life can be. B:What’s the matter? A:Why do I hardly ever get to see the people I like, but the people I cannot stand are always around me? B:That’s just how things are. There are many things in the world which you cannotFULL STORY

USING IDIOMS 活用成語2016-07-20

覆水難收 (fu4 shui3 nan2 shou1) 傳說中國商末時有一位官員名為姜尚,因為不滿商紂王的殘暴統治棄官而走,與妻子住在陝西渭水河邊一個偏僻的地方。然而姜尚天天就只是坐在河邊裝模作樣地釣魚,等人來雇用他。一段時間後,家裡的生計發生了問題,他的太太無可奈何下決定離開他。 有一天,出外狩獵的周文王巧遇坐在河邊假裝釣魚的姜尚,便與他攀談,論及兵法及策略,最後邀他協助攻滅商朝。商朝滅後,姜尚封王在齊。姜尚的太太看姜尚有錢又有地位,就請求與他恢復夫妻關係。姜尚取來了一壺水,傾倒在地,叫她把水收回壺中。意思是,如果倒在地上的水無法收回,那已經分裂的夫妻關係也同樣無法覆合。換言之,「若言離更合,覆水定難收。」 有些傷人的話一旦說了,就覆水難收,事後再怎麼道歉,都沒用了。 (Sometimes harmful words cannot be retracted, it doesn’t matter how many times you apologize.) 離婚手續都辦好了,他的心也碎了,覆水難收,現在後悔也來不及了。 (The divorce is through, he feels terrible, but it’s too late for regrets now.) It’s no use crying over spilled milk This isFULL STORY

The Songshan Tobacco Plant

On the Sunday afternoon after typhoon Nepartak hit Taiwan, I paid my second visit to the Songshan Tobacco Plant. Standing in front of the plant’s warehouses, I fell into a reverie of imagining what had once transpired here. Taking out my cellphone, I set aboutFULL STORY

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