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A: I just saw Robert turn up at the door. Did you invite him to the party? B: Nope. I guess he came uninvited. A: What a bummer. Who blabbed about the party? B: Whatever. He’s here now. There’s no point obsessing about it. BeFULL STORY

Man out for a stroll gets stuck, calls for help
水庫見底 男子「下去走走」受困喊救命

With the severe drought at the Shimen Reservoir, the mud at the bottom of the reservoir has emerged. At 4:24pm on April 7 a 56-year-old man, surnamed Chien, from Taoyuan, decided to climb down and take a walk while there was no water by Amuping Wharf.FULL STORY

Yes, I sell condoms

Lin Chen-hsien, a graduate from Dayeh University’s Department of Business Administration, has become well known for establishing the drippp condom brand. On Monday last week he returned to his alma mater to share his entrepreneurial experience with current students. Lin, who is 31 thisFULL STORY


A : Why are you so happy? You keep smiling to yourself. B : This month the company is inviting that famous writer to give a talk. A : That’s right, but why so excited? B : Why wouldn’t I be? I’m his No. 1 fan.FULL STORY


A: This afternoon, we’re going to have a meeting with the government agency. What shall we take as a gift? B: Do we need to take anything? Won’t taking a gift be misread as a bribe? A: But won’t it be rude to turn upFULL STORY

Taipei mosque domes regain their luster

Spring has arrived, and the mosque has had a makeover. Sharp-eyed people may have noticed that the domes on the prayer hall of Taipei’s Grand Mosque have quietly changed from green to gold. A spokesperson for the mosque explained that the prayer hall domes wereFULL STORY


A: Director, we have a bit of a situation out front. B: What’s up? A: There’s someone out there saying that he sent money to register for the lecture, but his name is not on the list and he didn’t bring the remittance receipt. WhatFULL STORY

88-year-old shows off kendo skills
愛劍道 八十八歲王傳喜打了一甲子

On April 12, a series of kendo cultural events were held at the Butokuten kendo dojo in Changhua City. More than 200 kendo enthusiasts from around the country joined the event and gathered to practice sword arts. The oldest participant, 88-year-old Wang Chuan-hsi, started learningFULL STORY


A: Sorry, I have an incoming call, would you mind holding? Please don’t hang up. B: How long will this take? I’m just going into a meeting. A: It won’t take long, I’ll just get whoever’s calling to phone me back. B: OK, I’ll wait.FULL STORY

Graduate becomes mechanic’s apprentice

After he graduated from Soochow University’s Department of Accounting, Lu Yung-shen, who is now 29 years old, took the civil service exam several years in a row but never passed. Nearing the age of 30, he had never had a job, which put him underFULL STORY

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