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Chinese practice 鶴立雞群 (he4 li4 ji1 qun2) 竹林七賢是歷史上的名士,他們常一起出現在中國藝術中。七人中有多位都是研究老莊玄學的人。晉朝官方推崇儒家思想,竹林七賢因不願意認同而受到壓迫。七賢中有一位嵇康,他是作家、詩人、音樂家及道家哲學家。 前宋朝的筆記小說《世說新語》「容止篇」中提到,某人對王戎描述他第一次見到嵇康之子嵇紹的感覺:「昨於稠人中始見嵇紹,昂昂然若野鶴之在雞群。」亦即:「我昨天第一次在人群中看見嵇紹。他昂然站立的樣子,就好像一頭野鶴佇立在雞群中一樣。」 成語「鶴立雞群」直譯成白話文就是「一頭鶴站立在雞群中」的意思,引伸為一個人在群體中出類拔萃的意思。 英文也有兩句類似的句子。第一個是「a cut above the rest」;第二個是「a big fish in a small pond」。之所以與「鶴立雞群」相似,是因為兩個英文句子都指某人在團體中比同儕更有成就或更有能力。然而,雖然第一句「a cut above the rest」的確講的就是鶴立雞群,第二句「a big fish in a small pond」則稍微帶有貶義,因為句子裡的小池塘其實就暗示著這個團體太小了,蜀中無大將,廖化才作得了先鋒。另外,第一句的「a cut above」可用來指稱一個東西、一個地方、或一個點子,並不限制只能講人。(台北時報詹豐造譯) 喬登那一百九十八公分的身高,走在街上簡直就是鶴立雞群。 (That Michael Jordan is 1.98 meters tall, when he’s walking down the street you can’t miss him.) 他那幅畫實在太美了,在今年的畫展中鶴立雞群。 (That paintingFULL STORY

Bridges of Pinglin

Before National Freeway No. 5 was built, New Taipei City’s Pinglin had been a major midpoint between Taipei and Yilan going all the way back to the Japanese colonial era. The Pinglin Bridge, now called the Old Bridge, used to be a simple beam bridgeFULL STORY


A : Where did you stay when you went to Hong Kong? B : Oh, we stayed in a lovely five-star hotel with a view over the harbor. A : I never spend a lot of money on the hotel when I travel. I don’t spend muchFULL STORY

Samsung dominates smartphone market in July
台灣七月手機銷售 三星擁雙冠王

In July, 619,000 smartphones were sold in Taiwan, a 1.9 percent increase on the previous month. Samsung took the crown for both highest overall sales volume and the best-selling single handset, with Apple falling to fourth place, losing out to rival manufacturers Samsung, Asus andFULL STORY

Shei-pa National Park: Renovated trails and blessing ceremonies
祈福敬山、整修步道 雪管處盼登山更安全

Dabajian Mountain, which borders Miaoli and Hsinchu, is known for its unique geographic features. According to Atayal and Saisiyat legend, it was from this mountain that their ancestors originally came from. The Forestry Bureau has recently renovated the hiking trails in the area. Upon theirFULL STORY


A: Where are you going on holiday this year? B: My friend’s getting married in Istanbul. I thought I would take 10 days in Turkey. A: Turkey? Isn’t that dangerous? B: You can’t think like that. Otherwise, you’d never step out of the front door. A:你今年打算去哪裡渡假? B:我朋友要在伊斯坦堡結婚。我想我會在土耳其待個十天。 A:土耳其?那裡不是很危險? B:你不能那樣想,不然你哪裡都不用去了。 English 英文: FULL STORY

Long sleeves help prevent air-con sun stroke
穿薄外套 預防冷氣房中暑

Dr Wu Bo-feng of Taipei Medical University Hospital’s Department of Traditional Medicine says there are two kinds of heat stroke. When someone has been out in the sun and their body temperature rises and they perspire heavily, causing their skin to turn red and hot,FULL STORY


A: My dog has no energy. He doesn’t want to go for walks and he’s off his food. B: What breed is he? A: He’s a Husky. B: Oooh. Huskies aren’t meant for this climate. I bet he’s really suffering in this heat. Best only walk him inFULL STORY

Flutterby facts and butterlies

Metamorphosis, the process in which a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, happens in between 10 to 15 days. Female butterflies usually survive longer than the male of the species. Butterflies taste things with their feet. It is believed that there are up to 20,000 different species of butterfly. TheirFULL STORY


A: I think there’s something wrong with my laptop. It’s making this ka-ka-ka sound. B: Sounds to me like it’s overheating. You want to watch out with that. A: I know. I do all my work on this thing. If it dies, I’m dead. B: Well, just makeFULL STORY

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