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A biking trip in Hualien

If you are visiting Hualien during the Lunar New Year, a trip to the well-known Cisingtan scenic area will give you a spectacular view of the blue ocean. The trip can be done by riding bikes with a couple of friends, accompanied by the oceanFULL STORY

What is a lighthouse? Why are they so important?
什麼是燈塔? 燈塔的重要性為何?

The serene and lonesome Cilaibi Lighthouse is the only pentagon-shaped lighthouse in Taiwan. It is located at Cilaibi to the north of Hualien Port. The lighthouse is surrounded by a prairie, hence it is also called “Siba Gaodi.” The lighthouse was built in the sixthFULL STORY


A: Did you get any red envelopes this year? B: I gave two to my mother and father, but no one gave me anything. How about you? A: I gave a few to the children of some relatives, but because I’m skint, I just gave them NT$168FULL STORY

Wanfu Temple and the story of Widow Ruan

Tainan’s Wanfu Temple is the earliest temple devoted to the “Great Sage Equal to Heaven,” Sun Wukong, or the Monkey King. Sun Wukong is worshipped throughout Taiwan, and is believed to be able to help with hard-to-treat ailments in children. Now that the Year ofFULL STORY


A: Last night the neighbors set off firecrackers late into the night. It was so loud I couldn’t sleep. B: It was the same where I live. I used earplugs, but they were useless because the firecrackers were so loud. A: Yup, earplugs aren’t much use. B: Still,FULL STORY


A: What are we having for New Year’s Eve dinner? B: The same as every year. Fish, shark’s fin soup and New Year cake. Ten dishes in all. A: That’s a lot. Is there still time to prepare it all? B: Don’t you worry. Most of it isFULL STORY

Techno-dancing Third Princes help fight crime in Tainan
防竊(扒)、防搶、防詐騙 三太子熱力宣導

Tainan City Government Police Bureau, while promoting its Lunar New Year safety message, “Prevent theft, robbery and fraud,” invited a group of “Techno-Dancing Third Princes” to act as the campaign’s ambassadors. Sure enough, it was an eye-catching, lively event. The extended campaign event was heldFULL STORY

Miaoli City residents protest against proposed new tire factory
反污染 南勢里拒設輪胎廠

The Mark Ma tire company is planning to construct a new manufacturing facility in Miaoli City’s Nanshih Borough. However, local residents fear the tire factory will harm the surrounding ecological environment and have a negative impact on house prices. Further, there was no communication withFULL STORY


A: It’s really difficult to get a southbound train ticket. The train station is packed. B: There’s always a lot of people going home at New Year’s. Why didn’t you book the tickets earlier? A: I did, but I got the date wrong. B: You are so careless. A:FULL STORY


A: Do you have any plans for the Lunar New Year’s holiday? B: The whole family is going to Sansia to look at the cherry blossoms. A: I’ve heard that there are a lot of blossoms, so this is really the right time to go. B: Yes, weFULL STORY

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