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Architectural award for Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1
桃機一航廈 獲台灣建築首獎

The publishers of Taiwan Architect Magazine, the Taiwan Architects Association, announced on Nov. 10 that the improvement work on Terminal One of Taoyuan International Airport, completed in June 2013, has been awarded the first prize in the Oscars of the Taiwan architecture world, the 2014FULL STORY


A: This job needs teamwork and communication skills. Are you good at that? B: I am very confident in this respect, that will be no problem at all. A: Really? Give me an example. B: I’ve participated in speech contests, and I have founded and been president ofFULL STORY


A: We have an exhibition displaying the results of our flower arrangement class tonight. You want to come? B: What’s on show? A: Arrangements done by the teacher and students, and our teacher will also give a flower arrangement demonstration. B: That sounds fun. OK, I’ll go. WhereFULL STORY

1,500 macaques the upper limit for Shoushan, say academics
壽山獼猴估一千五百隻 學者警告達負載上限

A recent survey by academics shows that about 1,000 macaques would be a reasonable upper limit for Shoushan Mountain, where there currently are 1,500 monkeys. Of those 1,500, about one-third have come there because humans feed them. The Shoushan National Nature Park Preparatory Office isFULL STORY


A: Didn’t you go hiking last weekend? How was it? B: I don’t want to talk about it. It rained all the time, and there was no way we could go hiking. It was such a disappointment. A: What did you do? Did you just cancel andFULL STORY


A: Is Mac in PR in? B: That’s me. What can I do to help? A: I’m Sam, a reporter with ABC TV, we had arranged for me to come over and do an interview today. B: OK, let’s go to the meeting room. A:請問公關Mac在嗎? B:我就是,請問有什麼事嗎? A:我是ABC TV的記者Sam,之前有跟您約好這時間要過來採訪。 B:好的,我們去會客室談吧。 FULL STORY

Caring bus driver plays Cupid
邱比特司機 代傳情書促成學生戀人

“Dear driver: Please give this letter to that Chia-chi student. She may ride your bus on Thursday or Friday next week. Please hold on to this letter for me, but don’t peep inside. Thank you.” This is a note that a boy student from NationalFULL STORY


A: Why is the printer so slow today? The meeting is about to start and the attachment hasn’t printed yet. B: There’s been a lot of problems lately; ask General Affairs to have it fixed. A: I know, but the point now is that the attachment stillFULL STORY

Puli Car-Free Day: A day of bikes and butterflies
埔里無車日 宣示打造單車、蝴蝶「雙B城鎮」

This year’s Puli Car-Free Day opened at the National Puli Vocational High School on Nov 1, the theme being “Ride Bikes for the Trees, Run to your Heart’s Content.” The bike ride and jogging events, together with visits to old trees in the community andFULL STORY


A : Hi, is Steve there? B : He doesn’t work here anymore. Was there anything in particular? A : He left? I had no idea. I was going to discuss next year’s marketing plan with him. B : John took over his duties. Hang on, I’ll connectFULL STORY

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