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Chinese Practice 雞鳴戒旦 (ji1 ming2 jie4 dan4) Cock crows, announcing dawn 成語「雞鳴戒旦」字面上的意思是「雞叫告知天亮了」,語出《詩經.齊風.雞鳴》。該詩描述了賢淑的妃子在雞鳴時一再警醒荒淫的齊哀公參加早朝,勸他不要把公務留到太陽都下山了,任由眾官員聚集在朝中空等君王指令。描述這故事的詩句如下: 蟲飛薨薨、甘與子同夢。 會且歸矣、無庶予子憎。 意即「蟲子嗡嗡地飛,我寧可繼續跟你同眠溫柔鄉,一起做著美夢。但是上朝的官員們就快就要解散回去了,別讓他們鄙視我們吧。」 此成語後來便意指,因害怕沒有足夠的時間完成所有該做的事,一大早便起床。 在英語中也有類似的成語,即the early bird catches the worm。最初見於John Ray在一六七○年出版的《英語諺語集》,原文作the early bird catcheth the worm。該書的書名意味早在當時,這片語即已被當作諺語使用。 (台北時報編譯林俐凱譯) 他為了即將來臨的考試雞鳴戒旦,深怕沒有足夠的時間把每一科都唸完。 (He is going to get up when the cock crows every morning to prepare for his impending exams. He’s scared he won’t have enough time to finishFULL STORY

Lunar New Year in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia all celebrate the new year in style. In addition to the usual dragon and lion dances, family meals and handing out of red envelopes, each local area has its own unique traditions for celebrating the new year. In Taiwan thereFULL STORY


A: Have you bought a new rug? It goes really well with your dining table, and adds a sense of warmth to the dining room. B: Yeah. I’d been looking for a rug with a color like this one, and finally found one last weekend. A: DidFULL STORY

Traditional New Year celebrations: Japan

Until 1873, Japanese New Year, or shogatsu, followed the traditional lunar calendar. Since then, it starts on Jan. 1, in keeping with the Western Gregorian calendar, and lasts two weeks. One important part is the thorough housecleaning, or oosoji, that must be done before New Year’sFULL STORY


A: This mood light isn’t working. Do you know what’s wrong? B: If the light doesn’t work, the bulb is blown. Change the bulb, see if that works. A: I’ve already changed the bulb. It still doesn’t work. B: Ah, well. It’s just meant to be atmospheric. It’sFULL STORY

Search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 put on hold
近三年一無所獲 馬航MH370終止搜救

Malaysia, Australia and China issued a joint statement on Jan. 17, saying that the underwater search operation for the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 that went missing almost three years ago is to be discontinued and will not resume until such time as new evidence isFULL STORY


A: Excuse me. How do I fill in this remittance form? B: Here, fill in the amount you want to remit. Arabic numerals are fine. And here, fill in the recipient’s bank account number. A: OK. And do I also need to fill in the branch name? B:FULL STORY

Dihua Street
迪化街 年味正濃

When it was first constructed, in the 1850s, in the Dadaocheng area in Taipei, Dihua Street was known as Center Street, presumably because of its central location within that part of town. The origin of some sections of the street stretch back further, to theFULL STORY


A: Do you have a favorite painter? B: That’s a really difficult question to answer. There are a lot of painters I like, but the one I’m most into lately is Mondrian. A: Mondrian? His paintings just look like colored-in Excel spreadsheets. B: You only see the grid.FULL STORY

Violinist Benny Tseng’s new album sets records
小提琴家曾宇謙 出新專輯創紀錄

Benny Tseng, a 22-year-old Taiwanese violinist, won the silver medal in the prestigious International Tchaikovsky Competition in 2015, the highest prize that year as first prize was not given to anybody. On Friday last week, Tseng released the instrumental album, “Reverie,” his first since joiningFULL STORY

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