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Taiwan’s talent shortage set to worsen
人才短缺恐惡化 梁國源點出四大關鍵因素

It comes as no surprise that there’s a shortage of talent in Taiwan. According to the chairman of the Yuanta-Polaris Research Institute, Liang Kuo-yuan, key factors behind the shortage include a declining birth rate and aging society, the brain-drain and the failure of joint programsFULL STORY

Parking charges to be introduced to curb illegal camping
玉山塔塔加違規露營多 停車場擬收費

With camping becoming increasingly popular, many visitors try to tent out and cook food at Yushan National Park’s Tataka Saddle despite bans against such activities. To address the issue, the Yushan National Park Administration Office has invited the competent authorities to explore possible solutions. ItFULL STORY


A: How much longer before we get to the bus station? I’m feeling travel sick. B: It’s these windy mountain roads. The driver can’t help it. A: I’m not sure how long I can last. I could throw up any minute. B: Well, don’t throw up over me.FULL STORY

“Faster” cable extension gets switched on
「Faster」海纜延伸段 正式開通

On Sept. 6, Google announced the official opening of the Taiwan extension of Faster — the world’s fastest undersea fiber-optic cable. The new link will enable transmission speeds between Taiwan and Japan to reach 26 terabits (Tb) per second — more than 100 times fasterFULL STORY


A: This second novel isn’t working. I’ve been staring at a blank screen for weeks. B: So you’re saying you have writer’s block? A: No, my computer is on the blink, and I can’t afford to get it repaired. B: And the rest. Don’t worry. The inspiration willFULL STORY

Shady clearing, dangling hands
林蔭小空地 一雙懸掛著的手

Go to the parks dotted around Taipei — or other towns and cities around Taiwan — and you will likely see, and usually in the early morning, before the workers hit the offices, or the seniors return home for a late morning nap, people doingFULL STORY


A: The line for the bus is huge. Shall we get a taxi? B: Good luck finding a taxi up here in the mountains. A: Look. Here comes the bus now. B: There’s no way we’re getting on this one. We’ll have to wait for the next. A: 巴士的隊伍好長,要不要搭計程車? B:FULL STORY

Vogue Taiwan celebrates 20th anniversary with photography exhibition
Vogue 在台二十週年 打造時尚攝影展

To celebrate its 20th anniversary in Taiwan, Vogue magazine is holding the “Coming into Fashion, Vogue Century Fashion photography exhibition” at Hall 4B of the Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Taipei. The event started on Sept. 15 and will run through Nov. 27. Vogue magazine isFULL STORY


A: That’s the third pair of shoes that have fallen apart this summer. The soles keep falling off. B: It’s the climate here in Taiwan. It rots the glue. A: And leather. I have to replace my watch strap every year. B: Why not get a metal strap?FULL STORY

All hail “Taiwan’s giant cannon”
「台灣巨砲」陳金鋒引退 眾球星、球迷致敬

Chen Chin-feng, a bona fide Taiwanese professional baseball superstar, retired on Sunday. Chen’s team, Lamigo Monkeys, held a retirement ceremony for him during a home game against the EDA Rhinos in Taoyuan. All the tickets for Chen’s retirement game sold out instantly, as 20,000 fans packedFULL STORY

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