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Happy Lovers’ Day to you

Chang Tse-yu, 17, made a 150cm-tall rainbow flag and is carrying it on a walking journey around the island. The flag reads “Starting point: Tainan. Destination: where discrimination does not exist.” He picked August 20, Lovers’ Day, to stand in front of Yilan train stationFULL STORY

Would you like to have three holidays per week?

Japanese casual wear chain store Uniqlo’s parent company Fast Retailing announced on Aug. 20 that from October, employees will be allowed to extend their daily working hours and have three holidays per week as long as the total working hours remains unchanged. Since total workingFULL STORY


A:What do you think of the newbie? B:He is really conscientious, pity about the terrible acne. It might put the clients off a bit. We’ll just have to wait and see. A:Does physical appearance really put people at a disadvantage in the workplace? B:Well, they might haveFULL STORY

True love in the face of adversity
罹癌見真情 攜手抗癌成功

Wu Kui-hung’s job as a plumber and electrician can bring in a monthly income of over NT$70,000. He has been married to his wife Cheng Yu-feng for 35 years. In 2010 his wife unexpectedly fell ill with breast cancer. Wu thought that health was theFULL STORY


A:I’ve sent my resume out, but still no answer. I could cry. B:Things don’t always pan out as you would like them to. Don’t give up now. A:But why? Was there something wrong with the resume? B:I’d be happy to look it over if youFULL STORY


A:Today has been a nightmare. B:What happened? A:I slept in and had to rush to get out of the house, then my car wouldn’t start. I took ages to flag down a cab, and the traffic was really heavy, and by the time I finally managed toFULL STORY

Learning is fun at science summer camp
松高前進偏校 輕鬆教科學

Students from Songshan Senior High School in Taipei organized a service team to go to Xinghua Elementary School in New Taipei City’s Sanjhih District and hold a four-day, three-night “Running Kids educational and recreational camp.” The teacher in charge, Kuo Ching-ching, says that this campFULL STORY

Jobless pair convicted for selling government land
缺錢缺很大 他們竟連公有地都拿來賣

The year before last, a woman surnamed Lin and a man surnamed Chang in New Taipei City were short of money, so they dishonestly claimed to have ownership of a plot of Aboriginal reserve land, further claiming that it was in an advantageous location thatFULL STORY


A:As I recall, there is some kind of do on tonight, isn’t there? B:We’re all off to the seafood restaurant for a meal. A:That’s right. I’m sure the beer will be flowing, I do hope people don’t get out of hand when they drink. B:I canFULL STORY


A:What gift shall we take when we go visit that long-standing client next week? B:How about that cake we clubbed together for last time? I thought that was delicious. A:Where was the store we got that from? B:I’ll check the address and get back to you. A:下週一拜訪老客戶,伴手禮帶什麼好呢? B:上次團購的蛋糕怎麼樣?我覺得蠻好吃的。 A:那家店在哪裡? B:我查一下地址再跟你說。 EnglishFULL STORY

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