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“Let’s Connect!” The 3rd Taiwan International Queer Film Festival (TIQFF) begins today
「為愛連結」 台灣國際酷兒影展今天開幕

The 3rd Taiwan International Queer Film Festival (TIQFF) begins today and will run until Oct. 30 in Taipei. With the theme of “Let’s Connect!” this year, the TIQFF features 40 long and short films as well as documentaries from well-known directors from Taiwan and abroadFULL STORY


A: I am breathless after climbing for three hours. B: It’s worth it. Look at the beautiful scenery. A: Wow. Those autumn colors are truly spectacular. B: Yes, it looks like we came here at just the right time. A: 爬了三個小時的山,我已經上氣不接下氣了。 B: 爬這山很值得的,你看這美麗的風景。 A: 哇,楓紅真是令人嘆為觀止。 B: 對啊,看來我們來的正是時候。 English 英文: ChineseFULL STORY

Singer-songwriter Bob Dylan wins 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature
創作歌手巴布狄倫 榮獲二O一六年諾貝爾文學獎

American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature last week for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.” Dylan is the first singer-songwriter to win the award. Dylan began his music career as an acoustic singer-songwriter. His first albumFULL STORY


A: Friday at last. Thank goodness for that. B: I sure am looking forward to the weekend. A: Do you have anything planned? B: Yes, I am going hiking with some friends. A: 終於到星期五了,真是太好了啊。 B: 我也超期待週末的。 A: 你有什麼計劃嗎? B: 有啊,我打算和幾個朋友一起去健行。 English 英文: Chinese 中文: FULL STORY

News retrospective: High school student triumphs over bullies
勇取拒絕霸凌 彭亮昀獲勵馨女兒獎

Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls High School student Peng Liang-yun was born prematurely. Despite being weak physically as a little girl as a result, she has a strong sense of justice. At school, Peng would stand up for and protect fellow students who were being bullied.FULL STORY


A: Why are you using disposable chopsticks? B: What other kind of chopsticks would I use? A: I always bring these reusable ones. B: I suppose I should, too. Where can I buy some? A: 你怎麼在用免洗筷? B: 有其他的筷子可以用嗎? A: 我都會自己帶環保筷。 B: 說的也是,哪裡可以買到環保筷? English 英文: Chinese 中文: FULL STORY


Chinese Practice 春回大地 (chun1 hui2 da4 di4) Spring has returned 春回大地此成語源自於周紫芝所寫的宋詞: 樹頭雪過梅猶在 地上春回柳未知 梅於冬春季開花,因具有耐寒特性,傳統上與松、竹合稱為「歲寒三友」。詞中,「雪過梅猶在」表示嚴寒已過,梅花仍綻放。接著「地上春回」形容溫暖的天氣又回到人間,萬物逐漸復甦,不過尚未擴及柳樹。 這句成語用來形容冬天終於結束,從梅花仍開著而樹頭的雪已開始融化,人們可以看到春天來臨的徵兆。 英文中也有一個有趣的諺語“one swallow does not make a summer”,和這首宋詞有異曲同工之妙。在英文諺語中以燕子代替融雪,象徵新季節的到來。這句英文諺語以隱喻的方式提出警惕,字面意思為「看到一隻燕子不代表夏天就到了」:雖然出現改變的徵兆,並不代表情況已經改變。 (台北時報記者古德謙整理) 每逢三月,春回大地,庭院便開滿了花。 (Every March, spring returns, and the garden is bursting with flowers.) 英文練習 One swallow does not make a summer The Chinese idiom 春回大地 comes from a poem written by the Song dynasty poet Zhou Zizhi: 樹頭雪過梅猶在 地上春回柳未知 The snowFULL STORY

Taiwanese violin luthier carves out niche
手工製琴師 成就弓弦間優雅美聲

Chiao Chung-hsing, a teacher at National Taiwan University of Arts, has been crafting handmade violins for nearly 30 years. In 1986, Chiao travelled to Italy to study vocal music, but after injuring his lower backbone in an accident, he had toFULL STORY


A : Look! That coffee shop is offering two drinks for the price of one. B : Cool. Let’s buy two drinks and split the price. A : Oh no, there are too many people lining up. B : Never mind, we can try again in the afternoon. AFULL STORY

Samsung cuts quarterly profit forecast
手機起火 三星第三季營利再減兩兆六千億韓元

South Korean company Samsung Electronics announced on Wednesday last week that it has revised its third-quarter operating profit forecast from 7.8 trillion won (US$4.66 billion) down to 5.2 trillion won, in order to reflect losses from the igniting Galaxy Note 7 handset disaster. South Korean industryFULL STORY

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