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Helping Daddy quit betel nuts in a sweet way
老爸長年檳榔癮 全靠女兒「愛的融化糖」戒掉

Baoye binged on betel nuts regularly, but whenever he saw his daughters eating fudge, he would want to join them and eat some pieces himself. His daughters, who were still in elementary school, came up with an idea to help their father quit betel nuts.FULL STORY


A: Did you see the applicant who came in for the job? She was pretty hot. B: I envy the boss. Any man would love to have a secretary like that. A: But I don’t think she’ll get past the boss’ old lady. B: You’reFULL STORY


A: Last night I just so happened to see the girl of my dreams driving past. B: Are you for real? That was pretty good luck. A: Yep. And she was driving a Porsche, too, which was too cool for words. B: Given the choice betweenFULL STORY

Not just shopping

On Jiaxing Road in Hsinchu County’s Jhubei City there is a convenience store that has more than 80 kinds of flowers and potted plants. The fragrance of flowers fills the air. Customers can shop and appreciate the flowers at the same time, which makes theFULL STORY

Fraudster faked warden’s Facebook profile
模仿台灣國語 山寨「里長」臉書詐騙

Quite a lot of Facebook friends of Yeh Kuang-hua, warden of Haikou Borough in Jhunan Township, Miaoli County, recently received private messages from the warden asking them to transfer money for him. When the matter was investigated, however, the “warden” turned out to be aFULL STORY


A: Do you have any plans for this evening? B: Not as such. Why do you ask? A: There’s going to be a party at Jessica’s place, would you like to go? B: So basically you’re looking for someone to go with you. Sure, I’ll goFULL STORY


A: Don’t book this restaurant next time. B: Why not? I thought everything tasted pretty good. A: Yes, it tasted good, but it’s too expensive. Things are a little tight recently; I don’t fancy bankrupting myself. B: No problem. let us know when things areFULL STORY

Burning the midnight oil in New Taipei City

The new location of the main branch of the New Taipei City Library will be close to MRT Far Eastern Hospital Station. When it is inaugurated in May, it will be the first library in Taiwan to providea a 24-hour daily service. The library recentlyFULL STORY


A: Shall we take a walk once the meeting is over? B: Sure, but what time will the meeting finish? A: I don’t know, hopefully it won’t drag on until it’s time to go home. B: Let’s hope so. A:等會開完會,我們去壓馬路吧? B:好是好,可是會要開到幾點? A:我也不知道,希望不會拖到下班時間。 B:但願如此。 English 英文: Chinese 中文: FULL STORY

Storytelling mothers inspire rural kids
讀樂樂 故事媽媽下鄉

Stories can inspire the imagination and open the door to the world of reading. The Pingtung County Story Society, established by a group of mothers, has offered services in the countryside for five years, planting the seeds of reading in schools in remote areas. AlthoughFULL STORY

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