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A:I’m going to go to the supermarket to replenish supplies, do you need anything? B:Now you mention it, we’re out of toilet paper. A:You mean toilet rolls? B:No, it’s the loose-sheet variety. Please could you buy a few bags so we have some extra. A:我要去超市補貨,要我順便幫你買甚麼嗎? B:這一說我才想到,洗手間衛生紙用光了。 A:衛生紙是捲筒的嗎? B:不,是抽取式的,麻煩你多買幾包備用囉。 English 英文: FULL STORY

Their first art exhibition

During this year’s summer vacation, the Jimmy SPA Company arranged for students from Shuren Elementary School in Tainan’s Houbi District to go to Taitung County’s Pisirian Coast for some on-site creative activities. The 16 young artists produced 19 block print works, and the children alsoFULL STORY

Chinese tourist caught peddling knock-off iPhones in Taiwan
中客賣假iPhone 6 遇精明買家認栽

Before coming to Taiwan for travel, a 40-year-old male Chinese national surnamed Cheng allegedly purchased four counterfeit iPhone 6 phones to pass off as the real thing. It is alleged that Cheng intended to sell the phones for a high price to make money forFULL STORY


A:I don’t get it, Frank is normally not very conscientious, why does he always win first place in the individual achievement competition? B:He can’t help being a natural charmer. A:It’s so unfair, I clearly work much harder than him, yet I always lose out to him. B:This isFULL STORY


A:Excuse my impertinence, you seem extremely familiar, have we met before? B:Have we? I have no impression at all. A:Oh, perhaps I have mistaken you for somebody else. I do apologize. B:Thank goodness you didn’t push it any further. I was beginning to think you were trying toFULL STORY

Trigger happy

A 39-year-old man named Tsai Tsung-lun has recently appeared several times around New Taipei City’s Tamsui District carrying a modified handgun. Each time he has an altercation with people about driving, he takes out his gun and conspicuously threatens the person. On Sept. 29 TsaiFULL STORY


A:This is your fault, you should check to see if the presentation file will play okay. B:What’s this got to do with me? Isn’t this a job for the person who made the presentation? How would I know if there’s a problem? A:Don’t be so argumentative, I’mFULL STORY

Peeping Tom caught in the act
看妹洗澡 偷窺男抓到了

A peeping Tom has been found around Jhongyuan Road in Hualien City. Residents installed security cameras for their own self protection and consequently got footage of a known male going down the firebreak lanes behind the community and peeping in at a woman having aFULL STORY

Fight dengue fever with Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’
「蚊」學家建議 孫子兵法戰疫

With the number of dengue fever cases in Tainan having passed the 15,000 mark, after Typhoon Dujuan a number of local residents are concerned that there may be mosquito larvae growing in the rainwater, which may exacerbate the epidemic and lead to a sharp increaseFULL STORY


A:What on earth did you mean by that e-mail? Please explain yourself. B:Didn’t I write it clearly? It means what it says in the e-mail. A:So then, are you blaming me for slacking off and causing you trouble? B:Why would you think that? I’m simply taking the issueFULL STORY

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