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A: Why are you covered from head to foot in white hairs? B: Ah, I’ve got a pet cat. It’s cat hair. A: Oh I see. And you’re wearing black today. The white hair is really visible. B: Yep. My cat loves to play for my attention andFULL STORY

Travel agent breaks taboo by taking tourists to Hsiao Lanyu Island
帶團到小蘭嶼登山 犯飛魚季禁忌

The flying fish season has opened in Taitung County’s Hsiao Lanyu Island. According to local tradition, people should avoid visiting Hsiao Lanyu Island during this season. However, a local travel agent recently posted on a Web site pictures showing groups of tourists hiking on HsiaoFULL STORY


A: I’m going to the coffee shop to get a takeaway cup of coffee. Can I pick you up a drink while I’m there? B: As it happens, I’m in need of a caffeine pick-me-up, but I can’t get away from my desk at the moment.FULL STORY

Geese are the answer to environmental farming dilemma
鵝軍隊出動 友善士地環保除草

Hsu Jui-ming, owner of the Taiping Ecological Farm in Taitung’s Beinan Township, believes in being kind to the land, and eschews the use of chemical weed control methods. Removing weeds by hand, however, can be expensive and time-consuming. He therefore came up with the ideaFULL STORY

Farmers suffer despite white radish price hikes
白蘿蔔價格飆漲 農民感嘆錢難賺

In the coastal areas of Yunlin County’s Dongshi, Sihhu and Taisi townships, white radishes have reached harvest stage. Last year, quite a lot of farmers turned to growing white radishes, because the year before they had seen their other crops become severely damaged by diseasesFULL STORY


A: I just called you loads of times but you didn’t pick up. B: I was just watching a film and my mobile was on silent mode. Is everything alright? A: It’s just there was something urgent I wanted to talk to you about. I even leftFULL STORY

Cold and cough remedy: wild mulberries
感冒大流行 潤肺止咳效果的野生桑椹夯

There are a lot of stories going around about how mulberries can prevent colds and flu and if they are used to make mulberry jam it is even more efficacious for moistening the lungs and can effectively relieve coughing symptoms. A lot of people haveFULL STORY

Students pray to Lord Wenchang before exams
大考前夕 學生拜文昌求好運

The Tests for the Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students are scheduled to kick off next month. On April 17, the Dawang Tiangong Temple in Tainan’s Yongkang District held a ceremony to pray for students taking the tests. Many parents hoping to receiveFULL STORY


A: Your hairstyle looks amazing, how do you style it? B: I learned how to do it from an online tutorial. I can send you the link if you’re interested. A: Does it take a long time to style? B: It takes a really long time and youFULL STORY

Liouguei plans to fight mosquitoes by building wildlife ponds
六龜蚊群肆虐 擬靠生態池抑制

As the weather turns warm in Taiwan, mosquitoes and biting midges are multiplying. Their infestation is causing serious concerns among members of the public. In Kaohsiung’s Liouguei District, where biting midges had been non-existent until three years ago, the midges have been proliferating. This year,FULL STORY

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