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We want to barbecue with you

Several days ago, a woman aged about 40 checked in to a medium-priced hotel near Chiayi Train Station. Because she was alone and looked depressed, she caught the attention of the hotel owner, who took a close look at her plastic bag and, suspecting thatFULL STORY


A: I’m going for an interview tomorrow. Can you come with me? B: What? Why do you need someone to go along with you to an interview? A: I’m afraid I’ll be so nervous that I won’t be able to speak. B: If I were doing the hiringFULL STORY


A: I can’t believe it; we really won first prize. Yay! B: Wow, congratulations. What are you going to do with the prize money? A: There is a lot stuff that I want to buy. A designer bag, a new iPhone... A holiday abroad wouldn’t be badFULL STORY

Europe’s oldest McDonald’s worker

Europe’s oldest McDonald’s worker has celebrated his 90th birthday with colleagues. Bill Dudley is still “lovin’ it” and has no plans to quit the fast-food joint in Mold, Flintshire, North Wales. “It helps me stay young and I just keep going,” says Bill, who has workedFULL STORY

Taiwan’s road quality better than expected

People often voice doubts about the quality of Taiwan’s roads, but the latest survey might cause a lot of people’s jaws to drop. The survey ranks Taiwan’s road quality at number 12 among 30 countries around the world, ahead of Germany, the US and Korea. TheFULL STORY


A: I’m going to suggest that the way the report looks will be changed to this. What do you think? B: Same difference. As long as you’re happy. A: What do you mean same difference? Isn’t this much clearer? B: Our manager will decide if it’s clear orFULL STORY


A : Damn, I think I said the wrong thing. B : You mean during the meeting that just ended? I didn’t think there was anything wrong with what you said. A : The client didn’t look too happy. What can I do? Did the company loseFULL STORY

“Milk shortage” tops new mothers’ worry list
懷孕十大問 台灣媽媽最怕「奶水」斷貨

On May 8, the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Health Promotion Administration (HPA) announced on its maternal care line and Mammy, its maternal care website, that among the top 10 most frequently asked and searched questions were, for example, what a mother should doFULL STORY


A: They say the company has invited a presentations expert to share their tricks this week. B: Really? When? A: I think it will be after the regular meeting tomorrow. B: Are they sharing some techniques on how to give a presentation? I look forward to that. A:聽說這週公司請了一位簡報達人來作分享耶! B:真的嗎?什麼時候? A:好像是明天公司例會開完以後。 B:是分享作簡報的技巧嗎?真令人期待! English 英文: FULL STORY

Typing style reveals fatigue

The way a person types can reveal the state of their brain, according to a study that tracked keystrokes when the typist was alert or groggy. Many of us spend lots of time tapping out words on a keyboard. Now a research team at the MassachusettsFULL STORY

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