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ASEAN currencies fall as dollar debts rise
東協貨幣重貶 美元債務激增

Bloomberg has reported a steep decline in the value of Southeast Asian currencies last month, seeing them sink to a 10-year low. The slide in local currencies — which includes those of Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand — means that the service costFULL STORY

Bicycle repair

Immediately parallel to the River Ganges within the city of Varanasi is a stretch of road lined with buildings of final grandeur and disrepair, a mine of material for street photography. I walked down this street on several occasions during a trip to India inFULL STORY


A: Another cold snap is on its way, take care to wrap up warm before you go outdoors. B: Last week, I already started wearing four layers of clothing and using heat packs too. A: Keeping the hands, feet and face warm is really important. When theFULL STORY

Texas reports first case of locally transmitted Zika virus

The state of Texas Tuesday announced its first case of local transmission of the Zika virus. It is feared that the virus causes birth defects. Texas is the second US state, after Florida, to report the appearance of this mosquito-borne virus. According to the Texas DepartmentFULL STORY


A: There’s a hole in my woolly hat. I’ve mended it three times but the hole is getting bigger. B: Time to buy a new one? Ones with a brim make your face look thinner, and they’re in fashion. A: But my grandmother knitted this one, andFULL STORY

Tainan’s Barclay Memorial Park
落羽松/台南 巴克禮公園

While strolling through Tainan City’s “green lung,” Barclay Memorial Park, adorable squirrels appear as if from nowhere, scurrying back and forth along one of the park’s shady, tree-lined paths. Beside a path that runs along the water’s edge, several bald cypress trees nestle between theFULL STORY


A: How about we go for a walk around Wulai and take a dip in the hot springs. B: OK, but the service wasn’t very good at the hot spring hotel I went to last time; let’s try somewhere else. A: I know of one hot springFULL STORY

EDA Rhinos renamed Fubon Guardians

Fubon Financial Holdings Co. has changed the name of the EDA Rhinos to the Fubon Guardians after it took over the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) team last month, the company announced recently. Fubon’s subsidiary, Fubon Sports and Entertainment, purchased the EDA Rhinos for NT$300 millionFULL STORY


A: Your osmanthus tree looks like it’s about to die. B: Yup. I moved it out onto the balcony last week, I want to give it some more sunlight, but I had no idea this would happen. A: Osmanthus trees are sensitive to the cold, it’s bestFULL STORY

Entertainer Rene Hou may lose eyesight
罹患「視網膜色素病變」 藝人侯怡君恐失明

Rene Hou, who has appeared in many Taiwanese-language TV dramas, is best known for her role in “Fiery Thunderbolt.” Hou may look tough, but she burst into tears recently while filming an episode of the Public Television Service (PTS) TV show Mr. Brain. She revealedFULL STORY

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