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Kids challenge themselves by cycling over 60 kilometers
孩子挑戰自我 騎腳踏車六十多公里

Nov. 20 was International Children’s Rights Day. In view of frequent reports about cases of child abuse, World Vision Taiwan has helped students transform into children’s rights advocacy ambassadors. They rode bikes from Yuanchang Township to Gukeng Township in Yunlin County and along the wayFULL STORY


A: After we broke up, my ex-girlfriend deleted me from her list of friends on Facebook and even blocked me from her account. B: This is actually a good thing. When you split up, it’s best to be clear-cut about it. A: But today she sentFULL STORY

Sun Moon Lake biking carnival

On Nov. 15, a clear bright day, over 3,000 cyclists both old and young came together to participate in the annual bicycle carnival Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday Carnival. Among the activities, the most difficult one was the 50 kilometer around the lake challenge race.FULL STORY

Woman steals money from old friend
得知好友背叛偷錢 她嚎啕大哭

Two women surnamed Juan and Tseng were old friends, but when Tseng helped Juan mind her store, she used it as an opportunity to steal NT$80,000 in cash. When police arrived at the scene after receiving a report, Tseng denied having stolen the money, butFULL STORY


A: I’d like to buy a ticket for the 3:15pm showing of the 007 movie. B: The only available seat for this showing is on the back row, right at the side. A: Okay, I’ll take that seat. B: Would you like any drinks? If you add drinksFULL STORY

This is your military-standard pillow

Green Party Taiwan Taoyuan City Councilor Xavier Wang has posted a picture of a dirty pillow on Facebook, saying that it was a military pillow shot by a friend of his when he was serving his short-term reserve training duty at the Armor Training CommandFULL STORY

Campaign to clean up Taiwan’s coastline

Wang Hsi-pei, the 36-year-old managing director of a heavy machinery company, has initiated the nation’s first-ever round-Taiwan excavator drive and beach clean-up campaign, with the aim of cleaning up 100 tons of rubbish from Taiwan’s coastline in 29 days. Speaking from the campaign’s launch location,FULL STORY


A: You’ve recently often been late for work, what’s going on? B: I’m sorry, I’ve had to send my car off to be fixed, so I’ve been taking public transport and I have to make several transfers. A: This is not a valid excuse. Leave theFULL STORY

Adoption is a lifetime commitment

Su Shih-jung and his wife, Hsieh Pao-chuan, have been raising an developmentally delayed child with love. “If he were our child by birth, we would have no choice but to go on and raise him,” they say, “so how could we give up on himFULL STORY


A: I just bought these strawberries from your supermarket, but when I brought them home and opened the packaging, I found the bottom layer were all mushy. B: Would you like a refund or a replacement box? A: A replacement box please. B: No problem. A: 這是我剛剛在你們超市買的草莓,買回家打開之後才發現下層的都是爛的。 B: 請問您想要退貨還是換一盒呢? A: 請你幫我換一盒。 B:FULL STORY

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