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The Full Monty graduation dance

National Sun Yat-Sen University’s Department of Physics gave a farewell performance that shockingly involved 13 male underclassmen wearing only skin-colored underwear while doing a “naked” fan dance. The students thought their parents might object to the performance as it was too suggestive. They never wouldFULL STORY


A:I’m off work and the phone is ringing. Give me a break. B:No problem. Can’t you just say you didn’t hear it? A:But I’m afraid the boss will have a go. B:What you do in your own time after work is your business. If theFULL STORY

The hat matters
此帽非彼帽 請戴對安全帽

Sanitation and construction workers lodged a complaint after police gave them tickets for not wearing crash helmets when they were riding motorcycles or scooters, but wearing hard hats instead. They accused the police of nitpicking. The police’s reply is that a hard hat and aFULL STORY

Crafty robber steals bank card and password
密碼好猜 置物箱賊變盜領高手

A woman in Tainan’s Madou District put her bag in her scooter’s underseat storage compartment and walked away. Although it was locked, a thief still managed to steal her bag. As well as losing NT$5,000 in cash, NT$80,000 was also taken from her post officeFULL STORY


A: What’s with the face? Who’s got up your nose? B: It’s that guy again. He thinks he knows it all, and is always slagging others off, like nobody can touch him. A: If it annoys you why do you listen to him? Just ignore him.FULL STORY

Safe and convenient: university condoms

Taipei City Government’s Department of Health has long been promoting the installation of condom machines on college campuses. There are now roughly 10 universities in Taipei that have set up condom machines. On June 18 the Chinese Culture University Student Association published a news entryFULL STORY


A: I have an interview tomorrow. What will I say about salary? B: What is the salary usually for the job you’re going for? A: It’s generally about NT$33,000 to NT$35,000. B: That’s quite low, isn’t it? With your experience, getting more than NT$40,000 would be aboutFULL STORY


A: Have you decided how you’re going to do what the boss has asked? B: Not yet. A: You don’t seem overly worried. The report is due in the afternoon, the day after tomorrow. B: Don’t worry, I’ll find a way. Today is my day off, we’llFULL STORY

Frisky monkey fancies foreign fellas
壽山「大嬸」母猴 專挑阿凸仔勾勾纏

“Auntie,” a female macaque that lives on Shoushan in Kaohsiung, is always hooking up with handsome foreign men. On more than one occasion she has ensnared a foreign man by jumping onto his shoulders, prompting people to post online comments saying “Auntie is chatting upFULL STORY

Sister Genesia flies home at last
偏鄉奉獻五十年 八旬葛修女返鄉

Swiss nun Sister Genesia has dedicated 50 years of her life to remote areas of Taitung County. Conscious of her old age and her incapacity to go on serving Taiwanese people, she has decided to return home. On Monday afternoon last week she boarded aFULL STORY

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