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When baby monkey meets police
小獼猴迷途 暖警充當猴奶爸

On May 14 a stray infant macaque was spotted in the parking lot of Kuanshan Tzu Chi Hospital in Taitung. Police officers went to the parking lot where the monkey had been sighted and found an infant monkey whining incessantly, seemingly looking for its mother.FULL STORY

Electrocuted dove causes power outage in downtown Taisi
斑鳩惹的禍 台西巿區停電

At eight in the morning on May 15, a shower of sparks flew from a utility pole in the downtown area of Yunlin County’s Taisi District. For a while, nearby residents thought it was caused by a malfunctioning transformer box, and fled the area inFULL STORY


A: Today is Hua Tuo’s birthday. Do you want to go to the Hua Tuo temple? B: You mean the temple to Hua Tuo, the legendary physician? A: Yes. They say he invented anesthesia and helped treat Guan Gong. B: That’s worth a prayer. I’ve had a coldFULL STORY

Unruly brats attack dog with firework rocket
頑童放炮炸狗 飼主氣報警

In the afternoon of May 14, a group of five children in Taoyuan County’s Daci District shot a firework rocket at an outdoor kennel where a man surnamed Yen kept his small black dog. The explosives left the dog terrified and its snout mildly injured.FULL STORY


A: Bananas are in season now, so they’re cheap and really tasty. B: Yes, whether you just have a banana or make an ice cream sundae, they’re just perfect. A: And you can put them in oatmeal or in a sandwich. B: I’ve never tried a banana sandwich.FULL STORY


A: It was really windy a few days ago, my umbrella was turned inside out and the framework broke. B: That’s really scary. Was it an old umbrella? A: Brand new. But it was a small folding umbrella. B: Folding umbrellas are convenient, but they are notFULL STORY

Return of the Malayan night heron

There is an acacia tree at the Taipei Zoo that has attracted Malayan night herons to breed and raise their chicks for the fourth year in a row this year. Having laid their first egg on the 13th of last month, they are now diligentlyFULL STORY

Taipei Water Park

When the weather gets hot, water activities are the cool thing to do. The water play areas of Taipei Water Park’s Water Country Park, a popular vacation destination in the summer, were officially open on Wednesday last week. As it is particularly hot and humidFULL STORY


A: It’s butterfly season on Yangmingshan, do you want to go on an excursion? B: OK, I haven’t been to Yangmingshan for a long time. In addition to butterflies, we can look at the volcano geology. A: Yeah, we could check out the fumaroles. B: There’s a lotFULL STORY


A: Why did you close your Facebook account? B: I need to concentrate on my exam. Facebook can be really distracting. A: But then I won’t be able to include you in our group chats. B: I’ll just reopen the account after the exam. A: 你的臉書帳戶怎麼關閉了? B: 最近要專心準備考試。臉書太容易讓人分心了。 A: 但這樣就不能揪你群聊了。 B: 等我考完試就會重開臉書了。 EnglishFULL STORY

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