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Obama ducks responsibility for Democrats’ election defeat

Speaking one day after the Republicans took the Senate majority away from the Democrats, US President Barack Obama declined to acknowledge that his own unpopularity may have played a role. “I don’t want to try to read the tea leaves on election results,” Obama told reportersFULL STORY


A: The graphics in your presentation aren’t showing. B: That’s odd. Everything looks fine on my computer. A: Is there some software missing? Do you have a different version of the software? B: Maybe that’s it. I’ll check the version on my computer, and let you know. A:你簡報上的圖片無法顯示耶! B:怎麼會?在我電腦上看沒問題啊! A:會不會是少了什麼元件或軟體版本不一樣? B:有可能喔!我去查一下我電腦是裝哪個版本,再跟你確認。 FULL STORY

Polling day a holiday for workers who can vote
九合一選舉 具投票權之勞工依法放假一日

Saturday Nov. 29 is polling day in elections for local government officials, and the Ministry of Labor says that according to the Labor Standards Act workers who are eligible to vote may have one day off work on that day with their salary paid. The ministryFULL STORY


A: This is the design for the company letterhead. Please take a look. B: The logo and company name are fine, but why is there no address or telephone and fax numbers or other contact info? A: Should that be in there? At the last meeting weFULL STORY

University knocks down tweet that Ebola airborne

University of Minnesota officials are knocking down a tweet claiming its researchers say Ebola is airborne. University spokeswoman Caroline Marin told the Star Tribune in Minneapolis that the university never made such a claim. In fact, the tweet refers to a commentary posted a month ago onFULL STORY

Plan to exterminate mosquitoes using seawater initially successful
海水滅蚊計畫初步見效 兩百隻孓孑剩三隻存活

When inspecting the effects of Greater Kaohsiung’s plan to use seawater to exterminate mosquitoes at 9am on the morning of Nov. 11, it was found that in 10 bags containing a total of 200 Aedes aegypti mosquito larvae, all larvae in eight of the bagsFULL STORY


A : This telephone has been broken a long time. Did you ask to have it fixed? B : Yes. I sent the report two months ago. A : And it hasn’t been fixed yet? Did you follow up? B : I’ve been busy lately and have putFULL STORY

Architectural award for Taoyuan Airport Terminal 1
桃機一航廈 獲台灣建築首獎

The publishers of Taiwan Architect Magazine, the Taiwan Architects Association, announced on Nov. 10 that the improvement work on Terminal One of Taoyuan International Airport, completed in June 2013, has been awarded the first prize in the Oscars of the Taiwan architecture world, the 2014FULL STORY


A: This job needs teamwork and communication skills. Are you good at that? B: I am very confident in this respect, that will be no problem at all. A: Really? Give me an example. B: I’ve participated in speech contests, and I have founded and been president ofFULL STORY


A: We have an exhibition displaying the results of our flower arrangement class tonight. You want to come? B: What’s on show? A: Arrangements done by the teacher and students, and our teacher will also give a flower arrangement demonstration. B: That sounds fun. OK, I’ll go. WhereFULL STORY

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