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Taiwan exports “pork” to the US
台灣豬肉出口美國 肉形石赴美展出

After a hiatus of 20 years, exhibits from the National Palace Museum’s (NPM) collection are once again on display in the US. The first stop of the exhibition “Emperors’ Treasures: Chinese Art from the National Palace Museum, Taipei” is the Asian Art Museum of SanFULL STORY

Watermelon thefts on the rise as prices go through the roof
西瓜價飆漲 偷瓜賊猖獗

Affected by unusual weather conditions, this year there has been a large drop in the yield of many agricultural products, and watermelons are no exception. The market price has rocketed more than threefold, but this has also attracted the attention of thieves. In Changhua County’sFULL STORY


A: What childhood memory made the deepest impression on you? B: Running in my grandfather’s fields, and hearing my grandmother calling us from the kitchen to come home and eat noodles. A: Can you remember what they tasted like? B: No, but I remember our grandmother telling usFULL STORY

Petrified hikers scale tree to escape pack of wild dogs
被狗追到躲樹上 美籍遊客報警求援

The Hengchun Peninsula in Pingtung County attracts tourists from all over the world, but because many areas are covered in primeval forest, tourists often become lost. Recently two US nationals traveled to the rarely visited Cikong Waterfall in Manjhou Township, where they encountered a largeFULL STORY

Tips to beat the summer heat: Drink warm water, eat bitter food
中醫談夏季養生 喝溫水、吃「苦」

“Drink plenty of warm water and eat bitter foods to maintain good health during summertime.” According to Lin Huan-chin, doctor of Chinese medicine at the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Fengyuan Hospital, the scorching hot weather of the summer months is a busy time forFULL STORY


A: What do you think the best night market snack is? B: Stinky tofu or shaved ice. A: My favorite night market snack is the grilled corn on the cob. B: That’s my favorite. Are you free tonight? Let’s hit the night market. A: 你覺得夜市最好吃的美食是什麼? B: 臭豆腐跟雪花冰。 A: 我最喜歡的夜市美食是烤玉米。 B: 我最喜歡烤玉米了。今天晚上你有沒有空?一起去逛夜市吧。 English 英文: FULL STORY

Students use Greek mythology and Korean drama to highlight food safety
拍食安微電影 宏仁女中獲獎

Six second-year students from Hung Jen Catholic Girls’ High School in Chiayi City put to use what they learnt in a case study class by splitting into two groups to conduct research into the safe limits of consumption — and the preparation methods for —FULL STORY


A: I’m off to get some supplies. Is there anything I can get for you while I’m there? B: That’s good of you. A: No worries. At home, you rely on your parents. When you move out, you rely on your friends. B: Right. I needFULL STORY


A: How’s that article the supervisor asked you to write? B: He said in some of the sections I went off on flights of fancy, and asked me to rewrite them. A: So what will you do? Someone as funny as you must find itFULL STORY

No food at this year’s International Flower Carpet Festival

As a warm-up to the 2018 Taichung World Flora Expo, this year’s International Flower Carpet Festival has been moved to the Huatien Lulang eco-park in Taichung’s Houli District. The festival will occupy an area of approximately five hectares and will include a variety ofFULL STORY

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