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‘Too fat to fight’: thousands of British soldiers overweight

The British army has a global reputation for efficiency and performance, but new figures published on June 22 suggest that its soldiers might be getting a little soft. More than 32,000 soldiers failed a basic fitness test at some point in the past three years, andFULL STORY


A:Oh, no. They’ve got the name of the organizer wrong on the seminar invitation. B:How can they have made such a silly mistake? Who did the proofing? A:We’ll deal with that later, if we don’t think of a way to sort this out we won’t beFULL STORY

Coma patient welcomes new addition to family
創世植物人娶媳 新人奉茶

The other day, a little piece of joy was brought to the Caotun branch of the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation. On Oct 18, one of the residents, 63-year-old Mrs Lo, gained a daughter-in-law. Her husband took their son and his bride-to-be to the Caotun branchFULL STORY


A:Is Kelly there? B:Kelly?There’s nobody called Kelly here. Which section were you trying to reach? A:Eh? That’s weird. I’m looking for Kelly in advertising. B:This isn’t the advertising section, you must have dialed the wrong extension. Hold on, I’ll have the switchboard put you through. A:請問Kelly在嗎? B:Kelly?我們這邊沒有叫Kelly的同仁耶!請問您要找的是哪個部門? A:咦?怎麼會?我要找的是廣告部的Kelly。 B:這裡不是廣告部,應該是轉錯分機了,請稍候一下,我請總機幫您轉過去。 FULL STORY

Can solar power be cheap?

New technologies will be needed for photovoltaics to become cheap. Fact 1: The primary ingredient of most solar panels is purified sand. Fact 2: Enough sunlight hits the Earth in an hour to provide all of humanity’s energy needs for a year. So why isn’t solarFULL STORY

Trees may be uprooted to build Taipei Dome underpass
松菸護樹團體不滿移樹 國父紀念館全區提報文化景觀

The Taipei City Government plans to remove 37 existing old trees to make room for the exit of a pedestrian underpass connecting the Taipei Dome with the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. However, a group devoted to conserving trees in the city’s Songshan District wants to preserveFULL STORY


A:Every time I go past your department I see you doing overtime, is everything OK? B:I’m sick of it. I don’t know why everything seems to fall on my shoulders. A:Are you going to talk to your manager about it? B:I’m still wondering whether IFULL STORY

Warnings on eyesight deterioration for senior citizens using consumer devices
銀髮族手機、平板滑不停 小心加速眼睛老化

Senior citizens hooked on swishing handset touchscreens should be wary of accelerated eyesight deterioration. A 65-year-old teacher surnamed Wang, who was already extremely near-sighted, developed cataracts after she started surfing the Internet on her retirement and had to have an operation to remove them. AfterFULL STORY


A:Oh, no! The company I want to apply to requires an English resume. B:Just write one and get someone to proof it for you. A:But my grammar is terrible. The person revising it will basically have to rewrite it. B:Then pay for a translation company toFULL STORY


A:Have you bought the staff travel insurance yet? B:Not yet. Tomorrow I will ask everyone for their personal details. A:There’s a lot of people going, have you decided how you’re going to do it? B:I’m going to e-mail a notice to everyone, together with aFULL STORY

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