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The Penghu Channel is rich in cultural relics

A lower human jawbone of a “Penghu hominid” has been found in the Penghu Channel. Academia Sinica academician Tsang Chen-hua, whose research for a long time has been focused on fossils found in the Penghu Channel, says that the area is rich in old culturalFULL STORY


A: Could we add “kids need not apply” to the application requirements? B: What, did some kid send in his resume for a joke? A: No, it’s just that recently I’ve received shoddily put-together resumes, the personal summary is just slapped together, with a lotFULL STORY


A: Why do you keep gawping at Jane? B: What? Was I? A: Yes. You’ve been staring at her for at least two minutes... Have you taken a liking to her? B: Oh, come now. She’s not my type. I was just thinking about how I’mFULL STORY

Lights go on at Taipei Post Office

A ceremony was held on Sunday last week to mark the completion of renovation work on the Taipei Post Office, which is listed as a grade three historic site. Lights were switched on to illuminate the building’s exterior, giving this classic edifice a romantic feel.FULL STORY


A: I so want to quit. B: Why? Where did this come from? A: I feel as if my colleagues just treat me like so much air, nobody ever listens to what I say. B: Do you think you have offended anyone somehow? Try to find outFULL STORY


A: Well, things are going well today. B: What happened? A: I went to visit the head of that company and he had a real go at me, for no reason. B: Do you think he was just venting his anger at you? A:今天真是有夠衰。 B:發生了什麼事? A:我去拜訪的那個公司主管莫名其妙把我臭罵了一頓。 B:你該不會變成他的出氣筒了吧? FULL STORY

Art is all around in Greater Kaohsiung
港都吹藝文風 文創小店藏巷弄

In recent years, Greater Kaohsiung’s Pier 2 Arts Center and Da-Dong Cultural Center have taken the lead in making Kaohsiung a more artistically and culturally oriented city. The city’s main library was also inaugurated earlier this year. The construction of Wei Wu Ying Center ForFULL STORY


A: I’m going to distribute the contact list, anyone who doesn’t have a company phone, speak now or hold your peace. B: ET. He wants to phone home. A: If you want to crack stupid jokes, please wait until after the meeting has finished. B:FULL STORY

Sun’s fountain resembles iPhone 6
國父紀念館水池 俯瞰超像哀鳳6

In April last year, office workers in Taipei 101 discovered that the fountain in front of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall was remarkably similar, in the proportions of its rectangular shape and the curve of its corners, to an iPhone. Who would have guessed, butFULL STORY


A: How come you were on the phone so long? B: It was the boss, calling again about what happened in the last meeting. A: He just won’t let it drop. He does go on, doesn’t he? B: That he does. He damn near talked my earFULL STORY

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