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A: Hi, this is Albert from Cloud magazine. I phoned you on Friday. Has Sharon said anything about our request to interview her? B: Sorry, Sharon is abroad on business. We haven’t been able to contact her yet. A: May I ask when she’ll be back? B: ShouldFULL STORY

Arts award winner Wang Hsiao-ti weeps for Taiwan
國家文藝獎得主王小棣落淚 感嘆台灣命運

Award-winning film director Wang Hsiao-ti caused an upset by refusing to appear on stage with President Ma Ying-jeou at this year’s National Award for Arts ceremony. When she took to the stage for her acceptance speech, Wang said that she was receiving the award atFULL STORY


A: Now it’s time for our new colleague Billy to introduce himself. B: Hello everyone. I’m Billy. I just started working here this month. Please give me a hand. A: Which department are you in, Billy? B: I’m an app developer in the programming department. If anyone hasFULL STORY

Period performance pioneer and conductor Christopher Hogwood dies

Conductor Christopher Hogwood (1941-2014), who pioneered the performance of music by 18th-century composers such as Bach and Handel on period instruments, died Wednesday last week. He was 73. The conductor’s Web site said he died at home in Cambridge, England following an illness lasting several months.FULL STORY


A : Hello, this is Kevin from the “East Coast Times.” I’d like to interview your PR head about the basic wage hike. Is he or she available? B : Sorry, he is meeting a visitor. Could you please leave a phone number? I’ll ask himFULL STORY

New Thai PM uses holy water, feng shui to ward off occult

As he was preparing to move in to Bangkok’s Government House a few weeks ago, Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha went through great lengths to sweep away any occult problems. Prayuth has left nothing to chance since leading a military coup to topple a democratically electedFULL STORY

Guanmiao noodle exports: quality control pays off
好天氣趕製關廟麵 外銷香港

Despite the recent tainted oil scandal in the country, quite a few Taiwanese food products have built up, over a long period of time, a reputation for quality and the trust of their customers. Exports to Hong Kong of Guanmiao noodles, which are mostly sun-dried,FULL STORY


A : Yay. The boss is leaving the country on Monday on business. Things will be so much more relaxed around the office. B : Not necessarily. Experience tells me that middle management will be exceptionally strict during that time. A : Come on. It’s not everyFULL STORY

Cherry blossoms bloom in fall due to disordered flowering season
時序亂了套 秋櫻亂亂開

The cherry blossom trees along the Gongguan Ditch in Chichang Borough of Yilan City have started to bloom pink flowers. Since the flowers should not be in bloom yet, people are curious about the early bloom. According to professor Lin Shu-tzong at the Department ofFULL STORY


A: You used to work for a PR firm. Do you have any experience curating? B: When I was working there my company did hold several large exhibits, but we always worked in groups, so I never curated on my own. A: What were you in chargeFULL STORY

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